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Sumner County Courthouse
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Wellington, Ks. 67152

Welcome to the official website for Sumner County. The purpose of this site is to provide timely and accurate information about Sumner County government and services and make it available to the public at their convenience via the Internet. This site provides access to information, offices, documents, and instructions of various activities.

Sumner County is located in south-central Kansas and, in 2003, was designated within the greater Wichita Metropolitan Service Area. Our county seat is in Wellington. Sumner County is comprised of 30 townships and 11 incorporated cities, Argonia, Belle Plaine, Caldwell, Conway Springs, Geuda Springs, Hunnewell, Mayfield, Milan, Oxford, South Haven, and Wellington. A portion of the City of Mulvane also lies in Sumner County. There are also a number of smaller communities located within the county that are not incorporated.  

The County is 36 miles wide from east to west borders and approximately 33 miles from north to south. It covers a total of 1,188 square miles. It is bounded on the east by Cowley County, the north by Sedgwick County, the west by Kingman and Harper Counties, and the south by Grant and Kay Counties in Oklahoma. As of the 2010 Census, the population of Sumner County was 24,132.

The official county newspaper for 2013 is the Belle Plaine News.

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